Anti-Aging Medicine

What is Anti-Aging

Anti aging medicine can be defined as Life extension science used to promote indefinite life extension and is the study of slowing down or reversing the processes of aging to extend both the maximum and average lifespan while maximizing personal mental and physical function to the very last day of the individual’s life.

As one anti-aging medicine expert said, “ I plan on running a 5K the day before I die”

This field is as exciting as it is complex and multifaceted. It combines the best science from the medical fields of neurology, endocrinology, gynecology, and gerontology and integrates them with natural disciplines of naturopathic and nutritional medicine.The result is a powerful approach to helping the body heal itself through restoration of it’s vital functions and processes.

Dr. Leonard Kaplan DO

At OWM Buffalo Dr Kaplan DO and Carrie Fox NP combine Bio identical Hormone Therapy and Nutritional Medicine to stimulate the body’s own healing and regenerative functions. These treatments are integrated with meditation, nutritional counseling, physical training and yoga for restoration of individual’s vitality. Schedule a consultation today to see how Anti-aging medicine can give you your youthfulness and vitality back.

Dr Leonard Kaplan

Carrie A Fox

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

Dr Kaplan and Carrie Fox utilize Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to optimize individual’s function and healing response.

Hormone Replacement

This therapy is never just based on replacing hormones. Rather, it is a hormone optimization program that promotes natural production of hormones through vitamin and mineral supplementation, improvement of diet and reduction of stress through mind-body therapy.

The Physicians at OWM Buffalo are committed to this integrated approach and combine their medical treatments with therapeutic yoga, nutritional counseling and mindfulness based stress reduction therapy.

Our hormones play key roles in thousand’s of body’s reactions and integral in sustaining a youthful and vital body. When their production decreases it is evident in everything from the reduction of quality of the skin and muscle to reduction of mental clarity, memory and overall feeling of well-being.

It is the stance of the traditional medical community that that is “aging” and it is to be accepted.

The position of the physicians at OWM Buffalo is that this so called “aging” does not have to be accepted and that by providing the body what it can not make itself in a natural and safe fashion, can be minimized and delayed by years if not decades.

Here are some of the key benefits of these hormones:

Protects the brain against dementia and Alzheimer’s
Promotes cardiovascular health and helps prevent strokes and heart attacks
Promotes healthy bone density
Protects against development of osteoarthritis.

Increased mood stability and memory
Improved sleep quality
Reduces anxiety
Lowers blood pressure
Increases scalp hair
Helps weigh loss

Increases libido
Improves self-confidence and motivation
Increases lean muscle mass
Helps maintain healthy bone mass
Helps reduce body fat
Improves bone density

Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT has been misrepresented and misunderstood by many health practitioners and the public.

The confusion arises from the fact that when studies were done on the safety of estrogen and progesterone they were done on synthetic hormones only. These are the hormones found in the conventionally prescribed birth control pills and IUDs and implicated in increasing body’s inflammation and the risk of ovarian and breast cancer. They are foreign molecules to the body and are processed completely differently then the body’s own hormones.

How is Bio-identical Hormone Therapy different?

This hormone replacement program uses natural, plant derived hormones that appear to the body as it’s own. They are therefore processed and utilized in a way the body’s natural hormones would be. The benefits of bio-identical hormones are numerous. Most importantly they protect the body from inflammation and cancer and are a key part of any Anti-aging treatment program.

What is Nutritional Medicine

Dr Leonard Kaplan

At OWM Buffalo we firmly believe that medicine is food and that food can the most powerful cure or the slowest kind of poison. So many nutrients that we need for basic metabolic functions are found in the whole foods.

Unfortunately food that is processed and contaminated with chemicals can be also damaging and contribute to aging and disease.

Nutritional medicine looks at ways to eliminate the bad and add in the good aspects of food. It also focuses on supplementation with key nutrients that would be difficult to replenish quickly with food alone.

Here are some of the ways it is used to improve health and promote anti-aging.


More and more studies show that gluten-containing foods are difficult to digest for all, not just folks with Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Gluten proteins damage the gut lining and stimulate an immune response that can lead to increased inflammation in the entire body, settling in the joints and the nervous system.

Avoidance of gluten can therefore lead to a lower overall stress and allow for better function.

Pesticides and herbicides are found in our meat and grains. These chemicals destroy good bacteria in the gut and impair many critical functions in the body. Staying away from GMO foods and buying organic will go along way to spare the body from these harmful chemicals.

GI support:

Leaky gut or increased intestinal permeability appears to be in the center of many inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Healing the gut is accomplished with adding prebiotic foods and supplementation with medical foods, probiotics and anti-inflammatory herbs.

Cellular stress support:

As our cells are exposed to the products of daily physical and emotional stress, they are flooded with chemical that challenge the key components of the cell that include reparative, regenerating nuclear functions as well as mitochondrial energy producing functions. Repeated exposure to this stress ultimately leads to death of the cells and impairment of mitochondrial regeneration. This process is believed to be at the heart of most disease and aging.

Whole foods as well as Adaptogenic herbs, enzymes, and fatty acids are prescribed to boost the resilience of the cells to the stress based chemicals.

Hypothalamus- Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis support:

This system is engaged in our “ Fight or Flight” response to stress that is meant to be ramped up only in life or death situations. Unfortunately in today’s fast paced world, this axis is stimulated constantly. Eventually this leads to exhaustion of the chemicals and hormones produced by this system, causing everything from impaired sleep to fatigue and illness.

Prudent supplementation of the key building blocks that the HPA axis uses to make these vitals hormones is done to allow for it’s optimal function and recovery.

Glucose and Cholesterol metabolism:

Stress, illness, and chemical exposure impair this process.

Certain whole foods, medical foods and herbal and botanical supplements can be used for improvement and increased efficiency of processing glucose and lowering cholesterol.

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