BioReset Medical Network

BioReset Medical Network

Dr. Matt Cook with Dr. Leonard Kaplan

Dr. Leonard Kaplan and OWM Buffalo are proud to be affiliated with Dr. Matt Cook’s BioReset Medical Network.

OWM Buffalo and BioReset Medical share the same philosophy of perfecting and advancing effective natural treatments that are meant to provide permanent solutions rather than symptom relief.

The BioReset and OWM Buffalo cutting edge treatment strategies aim to treat both mind and body and are powerful and versatile enough to serve those with chronic illness as well as those who are seeking to stay vibrant and strong into the late years of their lives.

Our regenerative and integrative medical approach begins where traditional medicine stops and is truly at the forefront of the current medical wellness and regenerative medical model.

Under Dr. Matt Cook’s leadership, this network is at the brink of creating a closely knit family of the brightest regenerative physicians in the country that together will drive the holistic medical approach forward and bring the future of medicine to the patients of today.

BioReset Medical Network

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