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Concierge Wellness is right for you if:

  • You are tired of waiting for hours to see your physician
  • Multiple doctors and therapists are handling your care
  • Your current doctor’s office takes days to return your calls
  • Your current primary only sees you for serious conditions

How do I get started with Concierge Wellness?

You will undergo an initial comprehensive medical one-hour evaluation. The doctor, therapist, and nutritionist provide a goal oriented plan for your personal journey to wellness. OWM Buffalo will coordinate a personalized therapy and wellness plan.

In addition, the doctor, physical therapist, and nutritionist follow up twice annually. Your wellness team puts together a package of updated recommendations to address your needs and goals. Osteopathic Wellness Medicine Concierge care is offered through prepaid annual Membership Packages. The packages are tailored to suite your needs and offer significant savings on services.

OWM Buffalo’s Concierge Wellness Medicine is a low volume, high quality medical practice. Our concierge experience transforms you from a patient to a privileged client. We embrace therapies and practices that empower you to heal, prevent injuries, and lead a more active life. Schedule a consultation and see for yourself how concierge wellness works for you.

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