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Featuring art at OWM Buffalo speaks to our core values. We believe that living well means bringing wellness into every aspect of life. Aesthetics are very important to a stress free environment. OWM Buffalo celebrates local artists whose creations represent the thriving spirit within all of us.

Appreciating art goes hand in hand with taking a mindful approach to life. Surround yourself with beauty because is an important part of bringing wellness into every aspect of your life. We hope you continue to seek out visuals that speaks to you. Uplifting images promote wellness for you and everybody who enters your space!

OWM Buffalo currently has paintings by Tamar Skrlin on display in our main downtown location. Skrlin comes to WNY from Ukraine.

Tamar: I always believed that I was an artistic soul. I’m thrilled to begin revealing myself to the world through my artwork, and I hope you find your own sense of inspiration through my new line of paintings.

Artist Tamar Skrilin

Your art at OWM Buffalo?

Are you a visual artist who expresses healing and positivty through your work? Get in touch to inquire about being featured in our limited gallery space.

painting "One With Self"
"One With Self"
Paintings by Tamar Skrlin
Paintings by Tamar Skrlin

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