Nutritional counseling

Our nutritional counselors work hand in hand with our physicians to promote correction of imbalance of nutrients in the body that so often leads to illness, weight gain and accelerated aging.

At OWM Buffalo we firmly believe that food can the most powerful cure or the slowest kind of poison. So many nutrients that we need for basic metabolic functions are found in the whole foods and so many toxic chemicals that can make us ill are found in the foods that crowd our supermarket shelves.

Osteopathic Wellness nutritional counselors guide our clients through the process of eliminating foods that can contribute to their issues and develop a plan for adding foods that can help heal and rejuvenate them.

Our nutritional counseling services include:

  • Provision and review of food diaries.
  • Recommendations of detox strategies and guidance through two to four week detox programs prescribed by our physicians
  • Oversight of elimination or restriction of offending foods
  • Help with developing a healthy grocery shopping list
  • Recommendations of healthy recipes and meal plans.
  • Work shopping and demonstrations of making of specific recipes
  • Recommendations of dietary changes that can facilitate and stimulate weight loss.

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