OWMBuffalo Nerve Hydrodissection


What Is Nerve Hydrodissection?

Hydrodissection describes a process of injecting a solution around a nerve that is entrapped in layers of tissue

Nerve Hydrodissection: needle under a median nerve in the wrist during procedure
Where Does The Nerve Entrapment Occur:

Most common areas of entrapment occur in the region of

  • Lower abdomen and groin
  • Elbow and wrist region of the arm
  • Knee and ankle region of the leg.
What Happens To The Nerve When It’s Entrapped:

Trauma to a region where the nerve passes through ¬†layers of muscle can create inflammation and scar tissue. Scar tissue that develops in the layers of muscle and around the nerve constrict the nerve’s ability to glide though the region. This obstructs normal blood flow and nutrition delivery to the nerve. This process creates pain in the area that typically doesn’t get resolved until the nerve is released from the encasing scar tissue.


What Solutions Are Used For Hydrodissection:

Most common solution used is a combination of lidocaine and steroid. Frequently a prolotherapy solution of diluted medical sugar is also used to promote recovery of the nerve sheath. We are now also using placental matrix for more vigorous stimulation of nerve repair and regeneration.



About Dr Kaplan’s Qualifications As A Neuro-Hydrodissector:

OWM Buffalo’s Dr Leonard Kaplan is the premier neurological ultrasonographer in Western New York and is one the most experienced peripheral nerve hydrodissection specialists in the country. He has been performing ultrasound guided hydrodissection for the last fifteen years with greater then 90 percent success rate of relieving neuropathic pain of the trunk and limbs.

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