OWM Vitality Mission:

OWM Vitality concierge wellness program will provide a truly integrative high end wellness experience for each individual

It will create an optimal integration of services of six highly trained  wellness professionals.

It will use this integrative team approach to help our clients achieve optimal wellness, personal fitness and sustainable vitality through out their years.


What is OWM Vitality:

OWM Vitality is a unique integrative concierge wellness program.  Directed by  Dr. Kaplan, it integrates services and expertise of six highly skilled professionals :  

  • Integrative and regenerative medicine physician
  • Integrative nutritionist
  • Functional physical therapist 
  • Athletic trainer 
  • Therapeutic yoga instructor
  • Applied mindfulness therapist.

Program Key Features:

  • Regular communication and coordination of services
  • Face to face team meetings.
  • Customizable three, six , and twelve month programs 
  • All programs include a full medical evaluation and a functional movement screen
  • Yoga instruction is provided in a specialized Yoga Wall on-site studio

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Description of OWM Vitality Services 

Medical Integrative Wellness

Enjoy a revolutionary approach to medical care. Concierge Wellness Medicine is a low volume, high quality medical practice where the focus is on building relationships between the doctor, our staff and you. We take the medical care out the hands of middlemen and put it back where it belongs, between you and the doctor. This exclusive approach empowers you to prevent injuries and lead a healthier, more active life.

Medical Services

  • Detailed medical and laboratory evaluation

Includes exercise prescription, essential vitamin and mineral supplementation, detox program prescription.

  • Osteopathic manual and Graston Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • PRP (platelet rich plasma), Stem Cell, Prolotherapy for spine and joints
  • Hormone and Peptide prescription.
Dr. Leonard Kaplan, DO. Integrative Physician and Program Medical Director.
Physical Therapy and Athletic Training:


Personalized Body Movement Screen

A certified physical therapist provides a movement screen that looks for physical deficits, weaknesses and imbalances and determines if an individual needs physical therapy or athletic training services.

Physical Therapy

Therapeutic services are offered if needed with focus on postural alignment and correction of spinal and joint imbalances.

Physical therapy is conducted in a one on one setting and  focuses on therapeutic exercises that hone in on areas of weakness and injury. Manual techniques are expertly applied to facilitate healing and correction of tension and tissue restriction.

Walter Brown,PT. Director of Physical Therapy and Athletic training

Athletic Training

A certified personal athletic trainer provides training that focuses on functional core strengthening, agility and balance through multi-joint low load exercises

Nick Martin. Athletic trainer


Gym of the future is in fact the old gymnasium of the early 19thcentury where gymnastic rings, kettle bells and free weights ruled. At OWM Buffalo, we have collected state-of-the-art equipment that follows the same principles: training the body in the most functional and natural way, without the use of machines that typically produce artificial and often harmful movement patterns.

S p i n e Force

A highly sophisticated exercise machine that is designed for progressive work from simple warm-up exercises to intensive, total body muscular strengthening and reconditioning.

T h e C u r v e T r e a d m i l l

This treadmill is not powered by a motor and mimics the natural motion of outdoors walking and running. It challenges the entire body, while burning up to 30 percent more calories than any other treadmill.


Unique suspension training bodyweight exercise system that develops total body strength and flexibility. 

Keiser Infinity Functional Trainer

Revolutionary “air” resistance pulley system that trains muscles smoothly, at any speed and in endless combinations of functional movement patterns.

Kettle Bells

Kettle bell training is effective in developing agility, strength and coordination. The movements are inherently multijoint, mindful and deliberate, preparing the body for whatever may come


Iyengar Wall Yoga


Design and function come together perfectly in this beautiful and truly restorative yoga sanctuary. The space was designed to offer unique supportive properties of the yoga wall for alignment, balance and core strength development. Our Therapeutic yoga instructors combine their expertise and the Great Yoga Wall system to create a variety of Iyengar based and restorative yoga experiences.

Jessica Vargas, yoga program director and therapeutic yoga instructor
Mindfulness and Meditation:

  • Includes three, six and twelve month training blocks
  • Muse brain wave sensing head band training

Mindfulness practice guides a person to their own deep internal resources for managing stress and navigating through life’s challenges with stability and resilience. 

Meditation cultivates an awareness of what the mind is attending to and the ability to manage what goes on in one’s being, without getting hijacked by it. 

The mindfulness program guides students through a daily practice of mediation and mindfulness specifically targeting challenges in their personal and professional lives. 

Muse Training : 

The Muse is a neuro-feed back head band that provides real time information on the state of the individual’s brain activity. Through this feed back, a person can achieve a state of calm faster and remain in that ideal state longer. Muse training includes exercise prescription, goal setting and remote monitoring for the most effective meditation training.

Integrative Nutrition


This emerging field focuses on food and supplements’ value in healing the mind, body, and spirit to promote optimal health

This approach includes new theories and old, Northern and Eastern theories, as well as Southern and Western.

A member will be prescribed a 3, 6 or a 12 month plan based on the individual’s needs and goals. An integrative nutritionist develops and guides the member through the program. There is  close communication with the managing physician throughout the process in coordination of prescription of detox protocols, food elimination diets, and nutritional supplement prescriptions.

Andrea Langston MS, CNS, CDN. OWM Vitality Integrative Nutrition Program director and integrative nutritionist.



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