Personal Training

OWM Buffalo Personal Training

OWM Buffalo gym is designed for high level personalized training utilizing both classic and state of the art equipment.

Type of Training Available

  • Circuit training
  • Kettle Bell training
  • TRX training
  • HIIT


Gym of the future is in fact the old gymnasium of the early 19thcentury where gymnastic rings, kettle bells and free weights ruled. At OWM Buffalo, we have collected state-of-the-art

equipment that follows the same principles: training the body in the most functional and natural way, without the use of machines that typically produce artificial and often harmful movement patterns.

S p i n e Force

A highly sophisticated exercise machine that is designed for progressive work from simple warm-up exercises to intensive, total body muscular strengthening and reconditioning.

T h e C u r v e T r e a d m i l l

This treadmill is not powered by a motor and mimics the natural motion of outdoors walking and running. It challenges the entire body, while burning up to 30 percent more calories than any other treadmill.


Unique suspension training bodyweight exercise system that develops total body strength and flexibility. 


Keiser Infinity Functional Trainer

Revolutionary “air” resistance pulley system that trains muscles smoothly, at any speed and in endless combinations of functional movement patterns.

Kettle Bells:

Kettle bell training is effective in developing agility, strength and coordination. The movements are inherently multijoint, mindful and deliberate, preparing the body for whatever may come

Our Trainer:

Nick began expanding his cutting edge fitness and conditioning toolbox by through many certifications leading him to become certified under Pavel Tsatsouline in the fitness tool of Russian kettlebells.  Nick first became a Level I RKC Certified Instructor and then progressed to the much vaunted Level II RKC Certified Instructor.  He has continued his training development with industry leaders including Jeff Martone, Mike Mahler, Steve Maxwell, Steve Cotter, and Nate Morrison.  Nick has now begun to receive credit for his training prowess and is counted among this elite class of fitness professional.


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