Prolotherapy, PRP and Stem Cells Therapy. What is the difference?

An osteopathic physician performs prolotherapy, PRP, and StemCell  treatments after an appropriate diagnosis. Doctors of holistic medicine perfected the technique for using inject-able agents to promote healing.

These therapies activate healing agents already present in your body.

How do we make a decision on when to use prolotherapy, PRP and Stem Cells therapy.

Prolotherapy  is used for mild to moderate degenerative joint and spine conditions where there is more ligament then cartilage damage and lack of joint stability is the main issue.

Platelet Rich Plasma  injections are used for moderate to advanced degenerative joint conditions with significant wear and tear of the cartilage.

Stem Cell therapy is used in advanced degenerative conditions with severe wear of the cartilage and in cases where PRP treatment alone did not provide adequate recovery of function and reduction of pain.

Prolotherapy injections use a concentrated dextrose solution to stimulate healing.The solution triggers healing at injection sites, restoring ligament, tendon and cartilage structural strength and integrity. The amount and frequency of therapies depends on the severity of damage.

Platelet rich plasma is extracted from a blood sample taken on site at OWM Buffalo. This concentrated fluid is rich with your own natural healing agents. Delivering growth factors directly to the treatment area delivers phenomenal results.

Stem Cells are extracted from either bone marrow or body fat and then injected into the area of injury. The stem cells are called mesenchymal and have a potential to develop into the tissue they are injected into.

Combination of Prolotherapy and PRP and/ or Stem Cell works.

Using prolo with platelet rich blood or stem cells leverages the best of both therapies. The result is faster recovery from musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis, and other conditions that cause pain and limit your activity.

Prolotherapy and PRP reverses aging by healing worn or injured joints

Traditional approaches with surgery, steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs often fail to stabilize the joint and relieve pain and dysfunction permanently.

Prolotherapy, PRP and Stem Cells are effective in restoring:
  • Spinal conditions
  • Hip joints and pelvis
  • Large joints including shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles
  • Medium joints including elbows, and wrists
  • Small joints of collar bone, fingers, and toes
  • Trunk areas including ribcage and shoulder blades
  • Vascular abnormalities (i.e. spider veins, hemorrhoids).

Looking for a permanent, non-drug based method to heal injury and restore full function? Schedule a consultation now and set yourself on the path to recovery.

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