It is my goal to make my clients independent, health and exercise enthusiasts. We chose SpineForce as a cutting edge tool to help me accomplish this goal.

After undergoing a thorough physical examination, an exercise prescription is written for one-on-one physical therapy and fitness evaluation and treatment. Osteopathic Wellness Medicine physical therapist works with the client to correct deficiencies and determine personal goals and targets. Client specific exercise protocol is then established. SpineForce Virtual Trainer allows for independent exercise and self-monitoring. The protocols can quickly transition from basic rehabilitation to advanced athletic performance improvement. Once trained on the use of the machine, a client will have access to the machine to be used at their convenience. Making this machine available to only concierge members will ensure availability.

A 91 year old patient using Spine Force for treatment of low back pain and improving balance

Revolutionary New Technology provides the ultimate solution for improvement of fitness for all ages.

SpineForce (the device/treatment) can be used for all athletes and sports/fitness enthusiasts, regardless of age or physical condition. It is also a gentle, strengthening and rehab device to complement traditional training and strengthening exercises, building a foundation of core strength, aiding in proprioception, balance and equilibrium, while preventing debilitating structural disorders.

Key Benefits of SpineForce (Treatments):

  • Precisely targets core strength irregularity
  • Strengthens core spinal muscles that are responsible for fluidity & bodily movement
  • Improves proprioception, balance, range of motion, coordination, fluidity, equilibrium and posture
  • Relieves back pain to prevent sports injuries and other debilitating spinal conditions
  • Supports sports trainer/therapist strengthening exercises/routines
  • Stimulates spinal fluids for improved neural responses
  • Provides whole-body cardio workout

As one knowingly applies pressure to the handles with the upper body, a push/pull action, a moving platform works synergistically to keep the torso in highly targeted positions, forcing specific core spinal muscle chains to work in coordinated effort.

Spine Force Applications


SpineForce lubricates and nourishes joints to reduce arthritic pain, stiffness, and swelling while strengthening the surrounding musculature to improve posture and balance. SpineForce is a safe and effective to use and has been tested on elderly patients up to 80 years and older. A gentle oscillating platform strengthens hip and leg muscles without overloading the joints. Application of a force on the pressure sensitive arms creates core stability and balance.


Reinforcing and conditioning the entire spinal structure, SpineForce increases overall strength, stability, balance, coordination and posture, so you can live your life to the fullest-pain free! Targeted Spine Therapy: Rehabilitating deep spinal muscles and core strengthening are a critical component of spine rehabilitation. SpineForce is an FDA approved state-of-the-art technology that trains you in functional positions to condition you for athletic and every day activities. Unlike typical low tech. rehabilitation exercises, SpineForce provides immediate feedback on your performance and scores your progress so that you can stay on the fast track to recovery.

Muscle, tendon injuries:

Spine force uses upright functional positions to create an ideal strengthening environment for weak muscles and irritated tendons. Performing exercises in a wide stance, squatting positions and stride stance, lunging positions creates a strengthening stimulus for every day activities such as walking, climbing stairs, vacuuming, and lifting.


Weather you are looking to maintain overall coordination and conditioning or to improve your performance in a particular sport, SpineForce is a perfect complement to your other fitness programs. SpineForce virtual trainer provides repetitive and consistent movement patterns that mimic athletic performance in sports such as golf, baseball, hockey, football, tennis, basketball, and board-sports such as skiing, snow boarding and surfing. This machine has been so effective that it is being used in personal gyms of hundreds of professional athletes.

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