Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Joint

Shoulder joint is considered the most unstable joint in the body and is frequently described as a golf ball perched precariously on a T. Shoulder pain can come from trauma and over use due to poor posture. It is commonly affected by osteoarthritis.

Ligament damage typically occurs early with overuse resulting in shoulder instability and grinding. This creates excessive tension on the tendons of the rotator cuff and cartilage of the joint. The result is tendon and labral tears and cartilage break down.


Diagnostic Tools:

A thorough examination is conducted on every patient. Structural deficits, restrictions, as well as muscle weakness and imbalances are identified. X-rays and state of the art Ultrasound technology are used for diagnosis of structural shoulder problems. Advanced imaging techniques such as MRI can be used for further assessment. Ultrasound guided injection techniques are used for accurate placement of injection solutions.

Dextrose and Biocellular Prolotherapy.

Frequently the injured area of the shoulder is a victim of underlying instability. We treat the entire shoulder tendon/ligament complex to promote joint stabilization. Unlike a more commonly used target specific approach, our technique not only heals the injury but prevents recurrence of the same issues in the future.

Concentrated dextrose solution is the foundation of our regenerative treatments. When injected into tendons and joint, it promotes ligament regeneration and mild cartilage repair. It stimulates and enhances both PRP and Stem cell’s regenerative potential.

PRP (platelet rich plasma) through an ultrasound-guided injection is a stronger biocellular treatment. It promotes joint cartilage regeneration and repair of torn labrum and tendon tissue. PRP Prolotherapy technique is used in more advanced arthritic and degenerative cases. It directly delivers grown factors in the damaged tissue and activates a signaling mechanism that stimulates body’s stem cell production and recruitment to the site of injury. Repair and new tissue growth occurs quickly and naturally.

Stem Cell therapy is the most advanced regenerative technique available. Stem cells are extracted from either the bone marrow or fat and are immediately reinjected into the injured areas of the shoulder. Direct delivery of mesenchymal stem cells into the affected shoulder area allows for repair by growth of new healthy tissue.


Therapeutic Tools:

Osteopathic Manual Therapy( OMT) is utilized during every physician encounter as needed for correction of shoulder region restrictions. State of the art personalized one-on-one physical therapy is conducted to address restrictions, correct imbalances, and promote strength of the supporting shoulder joint muscles.  SpineForce is a revolutionary tool that is used to facilitate rehabilitation and allow for independent exercise during and after the corrective treatment phase. Private and small exclusive therapeutic Yoga classes are prescribed for further gentle strengthening of the shoulder region muscles.

NOTE: Yoga program is typically instituted after completion of the physical therapy and rehabilitation program, but can be used as a first line treatment in cases of poor balance and advanced osteoarthritis. It is used in conjunction with SpineForce for continued improvement of postural balance, conditioning, and strength.

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