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Osteopathic Wellness Medicine of Western New York is a specialized concierge wellness clinic that was founded by Dr Kaplan and his wife Beth Kaplan in 2014.
The practice is dedicated to providing comprehensive holistic treatments in an optimal healing environment. The clinic was personally designed by Dr Leonard and Beth Kaplan to provide a spa-like atmosphere and a rejuvenating experience.
The philosophy of this medical practice is based on an integrative medical model where all treatments are relationship based.
In the spirit of promoting complete and integrative wellness, OMW Buffalo integrates private physical therapy and training, therapeutic yoga, nutritional and hormonal medicine, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction counseling.

Dr. Len and Beth Kaplan

Buffalo’s Best Option For Comprehensive Wellness and Aesthetic Medicine.

OWM Buffalo offers a unique combination of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. One hour plus consultations allow our physicians to formulate a treatment plan tailored to the individual.
Combined with access to state of the art diagnostic equipment and treatments, patients at OWM Buffalo have everything they need to heal and thrive in an optimal healing spa-like environment. We maximize patients’ healing potential by incorporating anti-aging and nutritional medicine counseling, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, concierge physical therapy and therapeutic yoga.

OWM Buffalo Is More Than a Wellness Center

The facilities at OWM Buffalo are the product of hand selecting the best equipment for diagnostics and holistic treatment and locating them in a tranquil setting appropriate for healing. Interviews, examinations and treatments are done in well-appointed spa-like treatment rooms. The center provides a private gym with high-end functional training equipment and features the Spine Force machine, the only one in WNY. It offers a therapeutic yoga program in a beautifully designed sanctuary that features the Great Yoga Wall.
The center also houses a medical spa facility where Botox, Filler and PRP injections along with Venus Versa skin anti-aging and rejuvenating procedures are performed.

Small-town care in an urban setting

We chose the boundary between Allentown and the business district in order to be accessible to all our patients. We are located minutes away from the Peace Bridge to be conveniently accessible to our Canadian clients. Visit OWM Buffalo and experience for yourself the benefits of inviting caring specialists to join you on your journey to wellness. Concierge wellness patients receive individualized care with no wait times and easy access.

OWM Buffalo Is Here For You

Whether you are recovering from serious musculo-skeletal injuries, interested in aging well, working towards peak fitness and injury prevention make OWM Buffalo your “center”.

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