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The phrase anti-aging has been seen more in the news and the media recently and will no doubt continue to be prominent in the years to come. So what does it mean? Well, anti – aging is a multifaceted concept that combines the science of aesthetics, nutrition, hormones, genetics and regenerative medicine to retard aging.

The proverbial fountain of youth has been the holy grail of the human kind for thousands of years, but only recently did the science actually start to catch up with this quest. It now holds a promise of real and meaningful slowing of the aging process. To better understand how science can help us stay younger, we need to better understand how we age.

The aging process occurs in our bodies on many levels that can be summarized as Cellular, Hormonal, Neurological, Immunological, and Gastrointestinal. On the cellular level, our cells start to divide more slowly and our Mitochondria, the organelles that produce energy, become less efficient. This effects everything from the quality of our skin to the function our cells in the muscles and organs of the body.

As we age we tend to produce less hormones that perform thousands of vital functions in our bodies. Our immune system likewise becomes less efficient allowing for more infections. The aging gastrointestinal tract can lose ability to absorb nutrients and become permeable, allowing for entrance of inflammatory and toxic molecules.

Finally with age our nerve connections in the body and the brain slow down, can become inefficient, and sometimes dysfunctional causing everything from loss of balance and coordination to loss of memory and dementia.

The good news is that we can fight aging on every one these levels by these issues.

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