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Hair Reduction - Venus Versa IPL

The most advanced system on the market. Utilizes smart pulse technology for more effective energy delivery to the hair follicles. 

  • Real time cooling system that makes procedure virtually painless
  • No down time
  • Cover more areas

See the video for before and afters and treatment details.

Hair reduction is a staple of the aesthetics industry. Up until a two decades ago the options that included waxing, chemical hair removal, and electrolysis showed very inconsistent results, were painful and impractical for treatment of large areas.

Laser hair removal became available for commercial use in 1997 and was a game changer. It offered more permanent results with ability of treating large areas of the body, but the concentrated beam of light had a tendency to deliver too high of a dose of energy to the area of hair follicle damaging surrounding pigment in the skin. Treatments took too long and were painful. Bulky plastic body wraps with strong numbing creams were the norm.

In 2006 Intense Pulse Light( IPL) technology was introduced and quickly gained popularity due to offering relatively fewer side effects and causing less pain during procedure. IPL is different from Laser in that the light is more scattered. This beam scatter has less attraction to skin pigment thus being safer for clients with darker skin and much less painful.

Venus Versa IPL technology uses incredibly fast processors and advanced cooling to make hair removal fast and almost painless. The current system has an internal cooling system that cools the skin during the treatment making the experience virtually painless. It’s large beam size and rapid-fire technology allows for treatment of large areas in a fraction of a time. Book a free consultation to explore the benefits of Venus Versa IPL today.

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