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miraDry for hyperhidrosis in Buffalo!

miraDry permanent under arm sweat, odor and hair removal!

How It Works:

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  • miraDry is the most effective treatment of hyperhidrosis available! It uses thermal energy technology to gently and quickly destroy sweat glands that produce both sweat and order. Because hair follicles are located in the same area, the treatment provides 60% reduction of hair as well.
  • The miraDry sophisticated hand piece uses a vacuum to gently pull the skin to the applicator. A cooling plate provides comfort and prevents heat related injury during the procedure.


  • We  thoroughly anesthetize the underarm area by injection of a lidocaine mixture prior to the procedure. Large volume of saline is injected under the skin at the same time. This lifts up the sweat glands away from any underlying nerves, making this procedure extremely safe.


  • miraDry is effective in treating hyperhidrosis by reducing under arm sweat and odor by 80%
  • For 7o% of people it is a one time treatment. This beats the standard treatment with Botox that has to be repeated every three months and is done by my multiple painful needle insertions.
  • If a second treatment is needed it is typically a touch up of the areas that may been missed with first treatment
  • It removes up to 60% of arm pit hair regardless of the skin color or hair color! miraDry is far superior to standard laser and IPL units that are not effective in removing light body hair and are typically not safe to use in darker skin!

How Long Does It Take?

  • Both under arm areas can be done in about 90 minutes

Is It Safe?

  • In a study of 120 clients, 12% experienced mild and temporary  tingling or sensitivity in the treatment limb, 10% had mild pain or soreness ,
    6% had slight skin break down that healed with in several weeks without complications
Finally a safe and permanent excess sweat solution  option for underarm sweat, odor, and hair removal by miraDry in Buffalo!

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