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OWM Yoga Downtown Great Yoga Wall System

OWM Buffalo’s Iyengar Wall Yoga Suspension System

OWM Yoga Downtown is one of the few studios in Western New York to offer this unique and versatile Iyengar yoga based system.

A Bit About Iyengar Yoga

BKS Iyengar is considered the father of alignment-based, therapeutic, and restorative yoga. Iyengar yoga stresses alignment and postural balance as a gateway to both inner and outer transformation and healing. BKS Iyengar invented most of the props typically found across various yoga settings today: mats, blankets, bolsters, straps, and more. His style of yoga integrates props to adapt traditional yoga postures for a Western body: helping us to truly start from where we are, taking our practice further and experiencing a greater depth to the practice.


What Is the Great Yoga Wall?:


The Great Yoga Wall is a system that replaces the traditional Iyengar ropes. The beautifully designed adjustable straps support different parts of the body, taking strain and pressure off unstable and/or overused joints. The Wall is ideal for students new to yoga as well as experienced students and teachers looking to enhance and refine their practice.

Benefits of the Great Yoga Wall By Body Area:

Hips and Knees

  • Strength development of pelvic and leg muscles with significant reduction of weight on the hip and knee joints
  • Greater body awareness and alignment of the hip and pelvic region through support and position feed back provided by the straps
  • Greater flexibility of hip flexors and hamstrings from being able to hold postures longer through strap suspension support
  • Faster and better gains in leg and pelvic muscle endurance from being able to hold strength postures longer with help of strap suspension system

Chest and Shoulders

  • Incredible opening of the chest and shoulders helps reduce pain in shoulders and spine
  • Upper torso strengthening with less stress on shoulder joints



  • Gentle cervical traction opens up cramped discs and nerves
  • Mid back and shoulder opening provides great relief of neck tension

Lumbar Spine: Spinal Rejuvenation

  • Incredible sequence provides strengthening of deep lower back muscles
  • Same postures create safe and effective traction providing more space for cramped lumbar nerves
  • The sequence includes self- and partner -assist posture


  • Supported inversions for restoration and rejuvenation of the body and mind
  • Allows beginners to quickly and safely achieve inversions and reap the benefits from these incredibly restorative postures

Spine Rejuvenation Sequence:

A Spinal Rejuvenation Sequence performed on the Great Yoga Wall regularly can take years off the spine by distracting the joints and rehydrating the discs.

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