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Saturday Wall Yoga Workshop Series

We are so excited to finally share our Saturday Wall Workshop Series with our community! Each workshop was carefully planned and designed by our Therapeutic Yoga Director, Jessica Vargas, and our owner and founder, Dr. Leonard Kaplan.  When designing these workshops, we focused on the most common repetitive movements and poor postural habits that frequently lead to injury and chronic pain. All workshops are based on the therapeutic, alignment focused Iyengar Method and will incorporate the Great Yoga Wall System.  Our hope is that this series serves as monthly maintenance for your body.  Give your body the attention it needs and keep it running smoothly and effectively with us in our Saturday Wall Workshop Series.

All of our in studio classes and workshops will require preregistration due to lower maximum occupancy.  Each class can only have 5 students.  2 hours prior to class start time, registration and ability to cancel registration will close.

Classes will only run if students are preregistered.  If a student registers for class and does not attend no refunds will be warranted.

1st Saturday – Healthy Neck and Shoulders
This course is great for folks who are dealing with chronic neck and shoulder tension and pain or recovering from surgery of the neck or shoulders.
Time: 12:30-2:30

Our neck and shoulders are constantly being thrown out of balance due to the demands of our computer driven life and work. This workshop is recommended for students specifically seeking relief in the upper spine and shoulders.  We will identify postural habits and muscular imbalances that can either cause or aggravate existing injuries and conditions. Students will learn how to perform yoga postures to reduce pain and prevent future injury. Individuals withinjuries, arthritis, or other limitations as well as those just experiencing occasional discomfort in the neck and shoulders, will benefit from this practice.This workshop is open to all levels of yoga students and is beginner friendly.

2nd Saturday – Healthy Hips and Knees 
This course is great for balance development and improving those achy knees and hips.
Time: 12:30- 2:30

Come nourish your joints with us!  The knee and the hip are the two largest joints in the body.  Together they act as a foundation for all of our movements and carry most of our body weight.

The wear and tear on these weight bearing joints often leads to chronic pain which can prohibit us from partaking in activities that keep us fit and bring us joy. Many forms of exercise cause more pain by overloading these joints. In this workshop, we’ll use the Great Yoga Wall’s unique ability to reduce the full force of gravity and work on strengthening the muscles that stabilize and support the hip and knee.

The Yoga Wall’s ability to take the weight of the hips and knees, will allow us to spend more time in specific yoga poses that promote the right balance of flexibility, strength, and alignment that is needed for their optimal function.

This workshop is open to all levels of yoga students and is beginner friendly.

3rd Saturday – FREE Intro to Yoga Wall Demo – NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING
Time: 12:30-2:00
Are you new to our studio?  Have you been curious about the Great Yoga Wall but aren’t sure where to start?  This event is for you!  Together, Dr. Kaplan and Jessica will introduce you to the Great Yoga Wall System and explain why Dr. Kaplan chose to incorporate not only the Wall but yoga in general into his wellness center.  They will demonstrate some postures and you will have a chance to try out some postures as well to feel the Yoga Wall difference!
4th Saturday – Spinal Rejuvenation
This workshop is a must for maintaining good spinal alignment, reduction of pressure on the discs and reducing lower back aches and pain.
Time: 12:30-2:30
During this workshop we will explore the full range of motion of the spine; flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation. The sequence combines inversion, distraction and rotation of the spine that, when done regularly, can take years off the age of the spine. The particular order and repetition of the postures you will learn, progressively stimulates and strengthens core and postural muscles while allowing blood and nutrients into this typically congested region. Use it as a stand-alone practice or introduce it into your already existing yoga routine and gain lasting beneficial changes to your body and mind.


If you have any questions, please call (716) 626-6301 or email OWM Yoga Downtown.

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